January - April 2019 - Started 2019 with a brand new release written for Mot & Krid, Unbreakable feat. Redd Carter. I have also been working on a re-write/cover version of Reinhard Mey’s ‘70’s hit, Über den Wolken for Mot & krid with Cindy Gomez on vocals. Filmed video in January and released song end of April. More songwriting duties for Tarzanaland and a brand release, Calling 901, including video. Always looking for new songwriting and licensing opportunities.

June - December 2018 - Quick summary of rest of 2018. Spotify playlist supported song, Today Is Mine, is at 140K streams and counting, I released new songs with Mot & Krid, first up was, Don’t Waste My Time and then, for holiday season, Christmas Without You, both songs featured, Redd Carter. I also continued writing songs with Kelly Kidd for our band, Tarzanaland. Also working on new release with Cindy Gomez entitled, Pa’rriba, with spanish lyrics. So I had my hands full and build up nice momentum going into 2019. Happy New Year.

July 2018 - It was a great month in studio with several new and exciting collaborations. Carl Anderson, Kristina Maria and Cindy Gomez all came in and we wrote all new and exciting songs. We have also decided on our next release, Don't Waste My Time feat. Redd Carter and are getting ready to shoot video, as song is being shopped to labels. Look for release date middle to late August. Subscribe to our youtube channel and check out our weekly vlog The Mot & Krid Show:

June 2018 - Spotify kept our song Today Is Mine in their playlists, so we enjoyed even more success as people kept listening. So a massive S/O and thank you to all our new fans and Spotify's playlist curators. It means the world.

May 2018 - Today Is Mine's most successful month on Spotify to date, with more than 14K fans and over 75K streams. 

April 2018 - Song Legendary, written with Cindy Gomez and produced by yours truly is now out on YouTube and all major digital retailers. Today Is Mine keeps getting great support from DJ's, bloggers and playlist curators and our Weekly Top 10 & vlog, The Mot & Krid Show, are going strong. Subscribe to www.youtube.com/motandkrid channel.

March 2018 - Our new single Today Is Mine is out on iTunes and video playing on YouTube. Today Is Mine was featured on Spotify's Release Radar. We are also just about to release new song & video with singer, songwriter Cindy Gomez, entitled Legendary. In addition to all that there's always our Weekly Top 10 on Mixcloud and our weekly vlog The Mot & Krid Show on YouTube.

Feburary 2018 - First release of 2018 will be Today Is Mine.

January 2018 - Looking at songs to release under Mot & Krid moniker.

December 2017 - Getting new songs ready for 2018 and decided to go on a staycation for last 10 days of this month.

Happy New Year, enjoy the holidays and thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for all your support and feedback. It means the world. See you in 2018.

November 2017 - Song Adicta Al Amor, written with Cindy Gomez, is getting more radio support in South America.

October 2017 - Launched a weekly vlog called The Mot & Krid Show on www.youtube.com/motandkrid It features a Weekly Top 10 that plays on www.mixcloud.com/motandkrid, compiling our favourite songs from week gone by. 

September 2017 - Working on several new songs with Mot & Krid, Tarzanaland and Cindy Gomez. Looking to expand radio play in Mexico with Cindy Gomez and our song Adicta Al Amor.

August 2017 - Make It Last #1 on Radio Danz, Dance Top 20 Chart, re releasing Still Feels Like Summer on YouTube and back in studio song writing with Redd Carter.

July 2017 - Adicta Al Amor with Cindy Gomez picking up radio play in South America, Mot 7 Krid's song Make It Last getting radio support and 45K views on YouTube and counting.

June 2017 - Songwriting with Cindy Gomez, who's in town, taking a break from PR tour promoting our song Adicta Al Amor in South America. Also, more new songs for Tarzanaland and Mot & Krid.

May 2017 - Back in studio after having played at Stagecoach festival, finishing song co-written by 7 time Grammy winning songwriter Glen Ballard for Tarzanaland. 

April 2017 - Make It Last (StoneBridge & Damien Hall remixes) now available on iTunes worldwide: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/make-it-last-ep/id1228964352

Rehearsing with Tarzanaland to play Stagecoach and ready to drive out into desert and play 3 days at Stagecoach festival.

March 2017 - Started a new band, Tarzanaland, with Kelly Kidd and we got booked to play Stagecoach festival at end of April. My song Make It Last for Mot & Krid will be remixed by Grammy nominated and legendary DJ and producer StoneBridge and is scheduled for release mid April.

February 2017 - Teamed up with my old friend and songwriting partner Kelly Kidd to write a dozen new songs, focusing on lyrics, that voice our concerns about current state of affairs, more songwriting with Cindy Gomez, and new songs and production work for Mot & Krid.

January 2017 - New Mot & Krid release. Deep House/Chillout remix of Michael Franks - When Sly Calls. In studio with friend and co writer Kelly Kidd, writing and recording new songs for our project Tarzanaland. Looks like we will be performing at Stagecoach later this year. Also writing with Canadian singer Cindy Gomez and working on next Mot & Krid release.

December 2016 - Good friend and top singer/songwriter Cindy Gomez in town and we managed to write a couple of new songs and record a Christmas video with friends, a country version of George Michaels "Last Christmas".

November 2016 - New Mot & Krid release "Until The World Ends" on iTunes with great DJ and radio support. I also adopted a dog, Max the Akita and did an amazing photo shoot with the always on form Don Saban.

October 2016 - new releases with Mot & Krid coming soon to iTunes, writing new songs for Cindy Gomez and A new project entitled Tarzanaland.

September 2016 - Very exciting news. I am collaborating on a song with Grammy winning producer/songwriter Asdru Sierra (Ozotmatli) and Cindy Gomez. I am also working on 2 new videos for current Mot & Krid releases, The New World and Nectar. Nectar has received great feedback and support from radio and club dh's everywhere. And back in studio with Adam Turner working on remix for brand new song Until The World Ends.

August 2016 - has been a busy month again, with writing session for artists in Japan (Exile and Rampage), Kelly Kidd of "The Podunk Poets" as well as getting ready for a brand new "Mot & Krid" release entitled "Nectar" now out on iTunes.

In addition, one of my songs is being produced by Grammy nominated producer Johnny K for hard rock band "Valora."